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Happy Holidays at Brunswick Pointe

December 24, 2018
It’s been a busy December here at Brunswick Pointe! With many different holiday performances, parties, and even a couple visits from Santa, the residents and staff have been having a wonderful time here.

We want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!


News & Events

Now Hiring: Dietary
Join our team!

Dog Park Visit
It was a beautiful day!

Friday Theme Preview - Color Day
Make sure to wear all of your favorite color that day!

STNA Week: Cassey
We are so fortunate to have Cassey and our amazing STNA team at Brunswick Pointe!

STNA Week: Rodney
Happy STNA Week!

STNA Week: Katy
We are so excited to celebrate our STNA's this week!

STNA Week: Marguerite
We are so grateful for our amazing STNA's!

STNA Week: Brittany
Meet our amazing STNA's from Brunswick Pointe!

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