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Brunswick Pointe Hosting Lunch & Learn

October 12, 2018
Please join us on November 15th for a free lunch and learn hosted by Brunswick Pointe with Medical Lecturer Tom Strong. The session is focusing on Alzheimer's and Improving memory!

You will learn easy mental exercises and healthy foods that can help prevent Alzheimer's. Please feel free to stay after for a tour of our beautiful community!

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Now Hiring: Dietary
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Dog Park Visit
It was a beautiful day!

Friday Theme Preview - Color Day
Make sure to wear all of your favorite color that day!

STNA Week: Cassey
We are so fortunate to have Cassey and our amazing STNA team at Brunswick Pointe!

STNA Week: Rodney
Happy STNA Week!

STNA Week: Katy
We are so excited to celebrate our STNA's this week!

STNA Week: Marguerite
We are so grateful for our amazing STNA's!

STNA Week: Brittany
Meet our amazing STNA's from Brunswick Pointe!

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